Welcome to SelfState

How are you doing? Family members, doctors and nurses ask millions of people that question each day. The answer to this question, tracked over time, helps people who care about you know if you are doing OK. Taking a moment to think about this question every day ("How am I doing?") can also help you become more aware of things that may be going on in your mind and your body that might need some attention. This is called "mindfulness".

SelfState™ is an easy way to tell the people who care for you how you are doing and to track your responses over time. To use SelfState, all you need to do is sign up for an account here (or the Sign-Up button above) and do a simple check-in at least once daily that answers the question "How are you doing?" You can do your SelfState check-in right here on the SelfState website, or on your smart phone, or by pressing a button on the SelfState Orb™, which is a small device you put on a counter or a tabletop that connects to your SelfState Account.

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Why should I use SelfState?

  • Check in with family members and doctors without making a phone call or sending an email
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your family or doctor is monitoring how you view your health and well-being
  • Become more aware of your own well-being which your doctor can use during your next visit

Why should my patient use SelfState?

  • You can automatically collect Patient Reported Outcome Measures in a way that is easier and more accurate than paper and pencil
  • SelfState facilitates “clinical listening” during patient appointments by pinpointing on what's important to your patient
  • You may get between-appointment quality of life feedback to help you identify patients that may need to be seen sooner than planned

How can SelfState help me care for someone not living with me?

  • You’ll get an update when something important is happening with your loved one’s well-being
  • You can use the SelfState information to better advocate for your loved one
  • You can send various messages to your loved one to let them know you are listening
Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to start tracking your SelfState and/or caring for someone who does, you can get started today. Just click "Sign-up" in the top right hand corner. Once signed up, you can start using the website. If you'd like try out the SelfState Orb, please contact your clinician. If you are a clinician, drop us a comment on the main page once you've signed up and we'll get back to you.