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Welcome to SelfState! With a simple push of a button once a day or as often as you like SelfState helps you track and analyze how you are doing and follow how others are doing. You can register as a “Stater” and/or “Carer”.

As a "Stater" you record your own SelfState and you can include others to follow you by adding them to your care circles. CareCircle 1 is an inner circle of typically family and friends. CareCircle 2 is an outer circle with for example a care provider. You are in control.

As a "Carer" you are part of other people’s CareCircles that you care for and want to follow.

You report your SelfState by selecting a smiley on the web or mobile and then click send. It is as simple as that! Alternatively you push a button on the in-home Orb. When there is 10 days of data recorded we will be able to start telling you more about yourself.

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